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Top Posts from 11 Years of “The Performance Communication Blog”

Top Posts from 11 Years of “The Performance Communication Blog”

#As I was sitting here today planning this week’s blog post, I realized that this week is the 11th anniversary of my Performance Communication Blog. Although I haven’t always written every week, I’ve managed to amass more than 400 posts in the past 11 years, so I thought I’d share the 11 most popular posts (plus a bonus post) of all time with you.

Bonus post

Why Laziness is the TRUE Mother of Invention


9 Reasons Why You Should Apologize Now


Positive Assertiveness: 7 Tips for Stepping Up Without Stepping on Toes


20 Words and Phrases to Add to Your Vocabulary


The #1 Way to Avoid Misunderstandings and Conflict: Perception Checking


4 Keys to a Meaningful Thank You


A dog’s guide to listening: Improve your listening skills in six easy steps


11 Communication Weaknesses that Will Kill Your Career


6 Bad Listening Habits You Need to Break Now


8 Reasons Regular Staff Meetings Are a Must


8 Reasons Your Organization Needs Standard Operating Procedures

And the #1 post of all time . . .

What’s Your Communication Style? Take This 11-Question Communication Quiz and Find Out!



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  1. Renu Bonner
    19:48 pm

    The blogs posts by Amy are the most relevant and spot on! Her style makes it easy to remember!

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