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Grow Your Loyal Customer Base with a “Best in Show” Team That Can Deliver a 5-Star Customer Experience

Let’s face it, the pet business is booming and competitors are cropping up every day – online and around the corner! If you’re worried about keeping ahead of (or at least up with) the competition, then you and your team need to get a leg up from Amy Castro. She’s been coaching communication and sales skills in the corporate arena for two decades to organizations like Marathon Oil Company and Texas Children’s Hospital. But her passion and knowledge base lies with people like you, the people on the front lines who help pet owners choose the best services and products for their beloved pets.

The key to creating an unstoppable level of loyal customers for your business is great service! You may know that already, but once you and your team master the intricacies of emotional intelligence, people skills, problem solving, and hiring the RIGHT employees to serve your customers… your customer attraction and retention will dramatically improve!

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Available as a keynote, breakout session, full-or half day workshop, virtual training, or multi-day training

Your customers could be finding what they think they need with big box chains or franchised competition… but if you can show them the power of shopping with you, you’ll have the steady customer flow you need to stay alive. You will discover:

  • Some of the things that drive customers AWAY (and how to stop the bleeding)
  • How and when you can go above and beyond to create loyal, life-long customers
  • How to develop creative programs and ideas to draw new customers in and keep them happy long-term
  • How to identify the type of customer you’re ACTUALLY serving (so you’ll recommend the solution that will work for THAT person or family and create a customer for life)
  • How to make sure you’ve got the right team to deliver exceptional service to your customers
Available as a keynote, breakout session, full-or half day workshop, virtual training, or multi-day training

It’s not enough to just have a Facebook page and hope that people find you. When you use creative marketing ideas, you draw in your potential audience and add value to the community. You’ll discover:

  • What you could offer (that’s not difficult to implement) to draw new potential customers in your doors
  • How to find and partner with other local businesses to create a win-win situation and find more customers
  • How to use the news to get free press for your business
  • How to create newsworthy events to get publicity and credibility without pestering, bothering, or annoying your local
  • How to get publicity for free (without buying ads)… this one tip is a total game-changer for your business!
Available as a keynote, breakout session, full-or half day workshop, virtual training, or multi-day training

Have you ever felt like you’ve interviewed a “best in show” job candidate only to find out that someone completely different shows up on the first day of the job? Finding and hiring the right person can drastically change the way your customers see your business. If you want to find the “right” employee for the job, you need to take a good look at your hiring processes first! You’ll discover:

  • The importance of great job announcements to attract the right candidates
  • Why great job descriptions are critical to employee success
  • How to ask the right questions to ensure you find the right person for the job
  • Why “old school” interview questions like, “What’s your greatest weakness?” are a waste of time

Special Program for Shelter & Rescue Group Staff & Volunteers:

From the appearance of your staff and how customers are greeted, to the way you respond to customer questions, communication is critical to getting animals “out the door.” In this fun and interactive session, communication expert Amy Castro will share tips, tools, and techniques for sending the right visual, verbal, and nonverbal messages to your customers that will not only lead to adoptions, but to advocates of your facility or group. In this workshop, you’ll learn:

  • The importance of dress and appearance in the often messy business of adoption
  • How to communicate and educate adopters without condescending and offending
  • Trigger words that drive adopters away
  • How to make your words clear, specific, and understandable
  • How to use nonverbal communication skills to reinforce your verbal messages
  • And more!

About Amy Castro, MA, CSP

Amy’s real-world experience as a leader, business owner, and president of a nonprofit animal rescue, combined with her master’s degree in communication, and more than two decades working with small businesses and large organizations like NASA and Texas Children’s Hospital, allows her to give organizations the tools needed to consistently hire great employees, improve training processes, and develop teams that thrive.

Amy’s passion for working with animals started when she worked for a veterinarian, boarding kennel, and groomer for more than 8 years. She’s been an active shelter volunteer and foster for many years and has personally fostered almost 1000 abandoned pets. In 2017, she started Starlight Outreach and Rescue, a nonprofit corporation dedicated to helping Houston area animal shelters provide medical care, fostering, and other services to help save the lives of animals who might otherwise be euthanized. Amy is also a contributor to several industry magazines, including PetAge, PetVet  Magazine, and Pet Boarding and Daycare Magazine.

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