Take the Lead: Stop Managing, Start Coaching

Easy Tips for Handling Difficult Customers

Avoid the Holidaze in Your Store

Extend Your Business with an Online Store

Adding a Human Element to Your Lineup

No matter how big or small your retail space is, making the decision about what products to carry can be a real challenge. Many retailers face this dilemma by taking one of two basic strategies when it comes to product selection. There are those who want to be known for carrying a […] Read More »

Enhance Your Customer Bond

Pet Age Magazine – Sep 01,2019 – BY AMY CASTRO

When it comes to food, treats, products and services, the choices available to customers can be overwhelming. Although many retailers spend a lot of time talking with their customers about making great choices for their pets, the problem with a conversation is there’s only so much information a customer can “digest” at […] Read More »

Take the Trendy Train to Increase Sales

Pet Age Magazine – Aug 01,2019 – BY AMY CASTRO

In an age where customers can make their purchases with a click of a button online, retailers have to keep getting more creative to keep customers coming in to “brick and mortar” stores. Many retailers are now using special events as a way to drive traffic and increase sales. However, you can’t […] Read More »

Strong First Impressions with Proper Business Etiquette

Pet Age Magazine – Jul 02,2019 – BY AMY CASTRO

When people think about etiquette, they often envision seven-course dinners, people in fancy clothes, and very formal behavior. In reality, etiquette is simply understanding and practicing generally accepted societal rules for certain scenarios, including business situations. In too many businesses, proper etiquette has disappeared. Rarely do you hear “please” or “thank you,” and […] Read More »

Bolster Your Business Beyond Social Media

Pet Age Magazine – May 08,2019 – BY AMY CASTRO

The starting cost of a Superbowl ad in 2019 was more than $5 million and big companies forked it over without blinking an eye. However, most independent pet businesses have small or nonexistent marketing budgets, so they have to get creative. Although many business owners have made social media a big part […] Read More »

Know the Ins and Outs of Your Customers

Pet Age Magazine – Apr 03,2019 – BY AMY CASTRO

Getting to know customers on a personal level is one great advantage that small businesses have over large corporations. However, many retailers miss out on relationship-building opportunities because they don’t know how to get to know their customers better. It’s not enough to just greet a customer and say, “Let me know […] Read More »

Building Bonds with Rescues and Shelters

Pet Age Magazine – Mar 01,2019 – BY AMY CASTRO

As the president of a nonprofit animal rescue group, I know the value of having a relationship with a pet retailer. Since our rescue is located in a rural location, we don’t get a lot of visitors out here. Being able to bring our animals to a retail location increases their adoption […] Read More »

Add to Your Lineup with the Right Hire

Pet Age Magazine – Feb 06,2019 – BY AMY CASTRO

As a customer, I’m all about convenience. I don’t want to make five different stops to shop for groceries or to take care of my pets’ needs either—and I’m not alone. Customers these days love one-stop shopping, which is one of the reasons why many pet retailers and veterinarians have added more […] Read More »

Consider Coupons and Social Media Promotions for Your Store

Pet Age Magazine – Jan 23,2019 – BY AMY CASTRO

The holidays are over and, for some, the winter blues have set in. At this time of year, many of your customers don’t want to venture out in the cold unless they must. Therefore, you need to give them a reason to leave home and shop in person. Coupons and Discounts Even […] Read More »

Regain Lost Customers, Keep Them All Loyal

Pet Age Magazine – Jan 02,2019 – BY AMY CASTRO

If you’re like many independent pet retailers, you’ve probably lost a lot of sleep worrying about how your business is going to survive, let alone thrive, when big box retailers are on every corner and your customers have turned to online shopping where they can get just about anything delivered right to […] Read More »

What Not to Say to Your Customers

Pet Age Magazine – Nov 06,2018 – BY AMY CASTRO

No matter how hard you try to prevent unhappy customers, there are always going to be times when customers are unhappy with a product or service. One of the most important things you can do as a business owner or manager is to ensure that you and your staff say the right […] Read More »

Behavioral Interviewing is the Key to Hiring the Right Employee

Pet Age Magazine – Apr 05,2018 – BY AMY CASTRO

Whether you’re a small business owner whose business is growing or a retail manager trying to fill a vacancy, finding great employees can be a big challenge. Even if you’ve done everything right— you’ve written clear job descriptions, you’ve identified workflows within your business, your “Careers” page is well written and enticing, […] Read More »

9 Questions You Should Be Asking Your Customers, But Probably Aren’t

PetVet Magazine – July 2018 – BY AMY CASTRO

Clients often don’t have the time, energy, or heart to tell you that you’re no longer meeting their needs. Therefore, don’t assume that no communication means you’re doing a great job of meeting your clients’ needs. Don’t wait until you start losing clients to find out how you could improve. Ask a few good questions and […] Read More »

Five Reasons You Are Hiring the Wrong People

Pet Boarding and Daycare Magazine – May/June 2018 – BY AMY CASTRO

At least once a week I get a call from a client asking me to help identify why they’re having such a hard time finding the right employees for their business. Unfortunately, most of these clients are focused on what’s wrong with the applicants they’re getting rather than focusing on what’s really important and what’s within […] Read More »

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