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It’s Time to Declare Your Independence

It’s Time to Declare Your Independence

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With Independence Day just two days away, I’ve been thinking a lot about the things that hold us back in life and keep us from being truly free, especially things over which we have 100% control.

If you’re tired of suffering under the tyranny of technology, being ruled by bad relationships, or being held captive by your career, maybe it’s time you declared your independence!

Here are 25 things you might consider freeing yourself from this Independence Day:

1. Debt

2. Guilt

3. Bad work or personal relationships

4. Indecisiveness

5. An unsatisfying career

6. Unhealthy habits

7. Elements of your past that make you unhappy or hold you back

8. Others’ judgement

9. Your judgement of others

10. Clutter

11. Fear of failure

12. Fear of success

13. “What ifs”

14. Role limitations

15. Being a “yes” person

16. Pleasing others while making yourself miserable

17. Unnecessary sense of obligation

18. Fear of looking foolish or stupid

19. Other people’s expectations

20. Worry

21. Acquiring stuff that feeds your ego rather than your soul

22. Limiting beliefs

23. Perfectionism

24. Technology (especially work provided technology that keeps you working 24/7)

25. Trying to “Keep up with the Joneses” instead of living your own life

What else would you add to this list?

Need help finding the right words to declare your independence? Check out my book, “Practical Communication: 25 Tips, Tools, and Techniques for Getting Along and Getting Things Done,” or my 3-minute-a-day, 30 day video series, “Communication Skills for Career Success.”



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