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When was the last time you sent someone a handwritten note?

Whether an actual letter, a card, or even a short sentiment written on a piece of scrap paper, there’s something very personal and meaningful about taking the time to communicate with someone using pen and paper.

handwritten note

First, a handwritten note takes time to produce. There’s no spell check and no backspace key. You’ve got to get it right the first time or you have to start over. So when you receive one, you can be pretty sure the person had to really think about what he or she was going to say and was truly motivated to say it. Second, a handwritten note is memorable.

A person may receive hundreds of emails a day and dozens of text messages, but the average person probably receives only one handwritten card, note, or letter every few months.

In a blog post I wrote back in 2011, “Is the Art of the Handwritten Letter Really Dead,” I mentioned the little notes my husband used to write to our daughter every day and the letter my friend Patty sent me after reading my post. All of those handwritten notes have been saved, while texts and emails have been deleted to make room for the daily deluge of both.

This week, when you have some positive feedback to deliver, want to say thank you for a gift or a job well done, or just want to say hello to a friend, colleague, or client you haven’t communicated with in a while, take the time to pull out a pen and a piece of paper or a card, and share your thoughts in your own hand. Even a scrap of paper or a sticky note will do if the sentiment is sincere! If you do, the impact of your message will be far greater than you could achieve with any electronic method of communication.

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