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5 Reasons Why Business Etiquette Still Matters

When people think about etiquette, they often think about twelve course dinners, people in tuxedos and fancy dresses, high tea, and high-falutin’ behaviors.

In reality, etiquette is simply understanding and practicing generally accepted societal rules given the situation in which you find yourself– which includes the workplace.

In many organizations, etiquette has gone by the wayside. People presume to call others by their first names, including customer and “superiors,” rarely do you hear “please” or “thank you,” and don’t even get me started on how people dress at work.

The employees and management of those same organizations probably don’t realize that etiquette at work really does matter. Here are just a few reasons why:

1. It fosters good customer service

Common courtesies and politeness as well as attentive listening and attention to the customer will always raise the quality of your customer service.

2. It helps build the self esteem and self respect of employees

Employees who treat those around them with respect, and in turn are treated with respect, will feel better about themselves and their role in the organization, no matter what it is.

3. It helps create a positive image of your organization

When customers have a positive and polite experience with your organization, they’ll remember it. They’re also likely to mention it to others when the name of your organization comes up and even refer others to you.

4. It creates customer loyalty

Customers who feel they are treated well come back. They’ll even come back if they could get your service cheaper from another organization, or could frequent a business similar to yours that is closer to their homes.

5. It positively impacts your organization’s bottom line

Research by the UNC Kenan-Flagler Business School has proven “Workplace Incivility Can Damage Bottom Line.” The internal application of business etiquette skills improves morale and quality of work-life while reducing turnover and improving efficiency. In other words, your employees will feel good and will work harder and contribute more to your organization’s success.

Proper business etiquette is something employers should always consider when hiring applicants. It’s as important as any technical or other skill an employee can possess.

For more information about business etiquette, check out the Emily Post website:



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