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Top 5 Performance Communication Blog Posts of All Time

One of the things bloggers always want to know is “What are my most popular posts?” They want to know so that they can meet the needs of their readers. However, when I look at my top five blog posts for the past six years, they’re quite frankly, all over the place.

  1. Why Laziness is the REAL Mother of Invention
  2. The #1 Way To Avoid Misunderstandings and Conflict: Perception Checking
  3. Seven Handshake Rules You Shouldn’t Break
  4. Eight Reasons Your Organization Needs Standard Operating Procedures
  5. Nine Reasons You Should Apologize Now

Although I could make an argument that four out of five of them are communication related, the popularity of these posts doesn’t really tell me what you want to read or what you want to learn more about. When I started my blog in 2011, I surveyed my potential readers. However, my subscriber list has grown tremendously since then and I have even more readers who follow the blog on their on or via LinkedIn. Therefore, I want to know what YOU think about the blog and where you’d like to see me take it. Please take five minutes (or less) to complete the reader survey below and let me know your thoughts.

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