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The First Step in a Successful Job Search: Believe in Yourself

Whether you’re a first-time job seeker or a seasoned, professional job hunter, the first step toward getting the position you deserve is believing in yourself. My friend and colleague Monique Solomon Spence, Executive Recruiter and Business Coach, and President of Spence Staffing Solutions (, offers the following tips for job seekers.


Believe in Yourself

“This is the best advice I can give any job seeker seeking employment or in career transition. It is important that you market and sell yourself confidently when it comes to your knowledge, skills and abilities,” Monique says. “First and foremost, You have to believe that you are fully capable of performing the job. If you don’t feel that you can do the job do not market yourself as a professional in that field.”

Sometimes we are enthusiastic about our skills or abilities. The word enthusiasm literally means “God within.” The only way to exude true confidence and enthusiasm is have a true conviction in your heart that you can do what you say you can do and you are good at it. If you don’t feel you can do the job 100%, don’t apply. Confidence and enthusiasm go hand in hand.

Belief in Yourself can even make up for lack of experience or education. When you believe in yourself it shows and others believe in you too!


Find a Job That Fits, Don’t Try to Fit a Job
One reason that there is so much stress in job searching is that job seekers too often try to make their skills fit an open position based on pay, location, and sometimes desperation, instead of looking for one that compliments the skills they already have.

In fact, the biggest mistake job seekers can make is applying for a job based on pay, instead of making sure their skills are a good fit first. Remember apply based on your skills, not your lifestyle.


Take Steps Every Day to Strengthen Your Belief in Yourself and the Ability to Get the Job You Want

1. Research positions in your desired field and educate yourself on new techniques and changes in the industry.

2. Understand the history and current events of companies that interest you.

3. Review the resumes of other job seekers that are in your industry.

4. Identify key things that make you “stand out” from other applicants.

5. Stay connected and get involved in local affiliations, clubs and networking events. You never know who you may meet, that is looking for YOU!

6. Make looking for a job your full time job. You won’t be successful if you don’t give your job search your 100% attention every day.

7. Remind yourself that your Belief is the most VALUABLE asset you have.

8. Be Vision-Inspired every day! See what you seek and let that vision guide you toward success.

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