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Eliminate SHOULD From Your Vocabularly

There are a lot of things we know we SHOULD do- exercise more, be kinder to people, eat healthier, get a jump start on that project. However, the word SHOULD itself stops us from moving forward. It allows us to put off whatever we say after it.

When you say: “I should get started on this project” you’ve already made the decision to delay getting started.

But what happens if we just eliminate SHOULD and say WILL instead?

  • I will get started on this project at 2 pm.
  • I will start exercising today after work.
  • I will eat healthier starting with this meal.

This week, when you find yourself getting ready to say the word SHOULD, stop and replace it with WILL, then take it a step further and identify exactly when you WILL do something. When you do, you’ll find that you’ll mentally be more committed to the action. Additionally, having a specific deadline increases the odds you actually will do what you say you WILL do!

eliminate should

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