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Top 10 Communication Resolutions for 2015

Every year, many people resolve to make the coming year their “best ever” by making resolutions for better behavior.

The most common resolutions include losing weight, exercising, stopping bad habits (smoking, sugar, etc.), getting a better job, etc. As this is a communication blog, over the past few weeks I’ve been collecting reader-submitted suggestions for resolutions with a communication theme. The challenge? Submitting a communication resolution in just one sentence.

Here are our top communication resolutions for 2015.

1. To talk instead of text whenever possible. Lydia L.

2. Not to use the phrase, “I don’t care.” Lisa B.

3. To eliminate, “I’ll try,” from my vocabulary. (My own submission)

4. To stop using discounting [qualifying] statements, “You did a great job, but. . .” Stephanie W.

5. To be more open minded and ask questions, instead of shutting people down when they’re “wrong”. Carla B.

6. To eliminate  [vocalized pauses, such as] um, uh, like, etc., from my speaking. Nicole C.

7. To take the advice of one of the previous blogs to say “Thank You” more often. Roger R.

8. To put away my phone when someone is speaking to me face-to-face. Kelly T.

9. To stop talking so da[rn] much, shut my mouth and listen to people. Lisa D.

10. To give more positive feedback to my kids, spouse, and coworkers. Dan D. 


Need help deciding on or implementing your 2015 communication resolutions? Check out my book, “Practical Communication: 25 Tips, Tools, and Techniques for Getting and Getting Things Done” or subscribe to my 30-day video program, “Communication Skills for Career Success.” Although the video program’s title is business focused, the content is equally applicable to communicating at home and in your community.

Finally, be sure to check out next week’s blog, where I’ll share tips on how to turn your resolutions into reality.

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