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Is it time for a fresh start?

“I’ll start on Monday.”

fresh start

How many times have you heard someone say this or said it yourself? How many times has Monday come and gone without anything getting started?

This week, I’m challenging you to take, “I’ll start on Monday,” to heart and really begin to look at Monday as a new chance to get a fresh start to on your communication!

Is it time to ask for forgiveness or to move on in a relationship?

Should you ask for a “do-over” conversation because you messed it up the first time?

Is today the day that you FINALLY request that someone meet a communication need you have, rather than just accepting the poor communication they’ve offered in the past?

Or is there something else in your communication efforts that you need to take a chance to start anew?

Starting today, take a chance and look at Mondays as an opportunity to start fresh and create new communication paths and opportunities in your work and personal relationships. Remember, fresh starts don’t happen automatically. You have to open your mouth, take a risk, and ask for them. It’s time to take a chance and say, “I’m sorry,” and to ask what you and the other person need to do to move forward in your relationship. It’s time to take a chance and say, “I messed up. I should have asked you to take care of that instead of demanding it.” It’s time to take a chance and say, “I appreciate your ideas, but I didn’t appreciate the tone you used with me when you shared them. I need you to share your ideas in a calm, respectful manner.”

It may be risky, but once you take a chance to seek a fresh start to your communication, you’ll see how much better your world and your relationships will be.

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