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14 Ways to Show Some Love Love Love Today… Revisited

“Love love love” is in the air this week!

I was trying to think of a Valentine’s Day related post for this year and looked to last year’s post for inspiration and to avoid “reinventing the wheel” by inadvertently repeating it. Then I realized, the message from last year’s post bears repeating.

I realized that when I received a text this afternoon from my daughter that simply stated, “You’re a good mama!”

I’d spent some time on the phone with her and her “bestie” at school, helping them work through a problem they were having with a mutual friend. She’d already thanked me when she hung up the phone and said she loved me. However, that extra little texted appreciation was very moving to me. I have the best kid in the world!

So in case you missed it, here’s my Valentine’s Day themed post from last year. I hope it provides you the inspiration to spread a little love and good cheer this week.


I’m not much of a believer in all the mush, hype, and money that flows on Valentine’s Day.

However, I was reminded this morning that simple acts, gestures, and words can make a difference in a person’s day.

I’ve been out of town this week. When I entered the elevator in my hotel this morning, there were two wet-haired, obviously freshly-showered business gents already on board.

Normally, I might smile and say good morning and am usually the first to do so.

(My daughter always tells me I’m weird because I’m always talking to strangers.)

However, this morning, I was greeted with an enthusiastic, “Happy Valentine’s Day!” from one gent. He proceeded to compliment my choice of red sweater … and that was that.

As I exited the elevator and headed to breakfast, I thought about the fact that he could have easily just ignored me, nodded, or just said, “good morning.” However, his enthusiastic greeting and well wishes still have me smiling– and became the theme for this blog post, which was originally going to be about meeting etiquette (stay tuned for that next week.)

Just as the gent in the elevator set the tone for my morning and probably my day, you too can set the tone for your own day, or someone else’s, with just a simple act. Here are some ideas to try. If you have others you’d like to add, please feel free to comment and I’ll post them!


1. Smile at someone, even when you don’t feel like it at the moment.

2. Express sincere appreciation to someone who goes “above and beyond.”

3. Express sincere appreciation to someone who just does what he or she was supposed to do– even your kids!

4. Tell a loved one WHY you love him or her.

5. Forgive someone who has wronged you.

6. Let go of grudges, they end up hurting the holder the most.

7. Be mindful of your tone when you speak- it says more than your words.

8. Fulfill your promises.

9. Even if you’re in a hurry, stop to help someone you see struggling.

10. Call or visit an elderly relative, single friend, or anyone else who might be lonely– especially today.

11. Give your pets some extra brushing, petting, or other attention– it’s good for them and you.

12. Make an extra donation to your favorite charity in honor of someone you love.

13. Pay for the person in line behind you at the coffee shop, toll booth, wherever! (Thanks for this one Bev!)

14. And finally, when you see people in uniform, whether military, police, fire, etc., thank them for their service.




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