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The Importance of Being Specific

Effective communication is criticial to success in just about every facet of our lives and at the top of the list of what makes communication is SPECIFICITY!

So much of our miscommunication comes from lack of specificity. We THINK we’re being specific when we say:

Get it to me at the beginning of the month.

Be there around 5.

Pick up some bread on the way home. 

but the reality is, we’re being incredibly vague. When exactly is the beginning of the month? On the first? By the 5th? Sometime in the first week of the month? You know what you mean, but very often, the person you’re communicating with has a different interpretation.

Rather than having you read a long blog post this week, I thought I’d share this short video on the importance of being specific when communicating with others. In addition to hearing a funny story that happened to me when I was first married, you’ll learn:

– Why it’s important to be specific when communicating

-What happens when you’re not specific

– How to be specific enough so that people fully understand you


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