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Providing GREAT Customer Service In Difficult Times

Providing GREAT Customer Service In Difficult Times

I created this video at the beginning of the year to share some quick tips for providing great customer service during challenging times. Little did I realize then that the challenging times for many of you and your businesses would still be continuing now.

If you or your team is struggling to maintain your customer service goals and standards, this video will give you some tips, tools, and techniques for upping your game despite challenging times and situations.

This video will share how to:

  1. See things from your customer’s perspective
  2. Stay connected and create community
  3. Stay positive- focus on CAN not CAN’T
  4. Focus on serving, not selling



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  1. Beverly A Brooks
    15:09 pm

    Terrific video! When you start putting yourself into others’ shoes, a whole new way of thinking emerges. The broken package that was received is a perfect example of perscpective.
    This is the way to keep your business thriving.

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