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Does Business Etiquette Still Matter?

Does Business Etiquette Still Matter?

You bet business etiquette does matter! In fact, it matters now more than ever. That’s why, instead of a regular blog post today, I thought I’d try something I never have in the 8 years I’ve been writing this blog- and that’s a webinar on the subject instead.

As a loyal reader, I’m offering you a seat in my “Business Etiquette,” webinar. Just click here to access the course!

Here’s more information about the program.

Let’s face it: we’ve all had embarrassing etiquette gaffes that have caused us to communicate a less-than-shining image of ourselves to others. However, this Business Etiquette program will help you look and sound your best no matter the situation.

This webinar will provide quick tips on the basics of communicating an appropriate, professional image in the workplace. In this 90-minute program, you’ll hear about the top 9 business etiquette concerns of 2018 and learn how to ensure you’re presenting yourself in the most positive light for each. You’ll learn:

  • the importance of being considerate of others,
  • dress/appearance basics,
  • business meeting etiquette tips,
  • proper introductions and how to give “the RIGHT handshake”,
  • how to manage interruptions with grace,
  • the importance of being able to make small talk,
  • etiquette issues related to cultural differences affecting business,
  • quick tips on proper business email etiquette,
  • and quick tips on proper telephone etiquette in key situations.

Take this opportunity to identify etiquette mistakes you might not know you’re making and you’ll be able to polish your image so that your personal brand SHINES by taking this FREE course.


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