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The #1 mistake that causes meetings to fail

The #1 mistake that causes meetings to fail

Let’s face it, most people would rather have a root canal than add another meeting to their calendar.

With the average business person attending about 62 meetings a month and finding that over 50 percent of meeting time is totally wasted, it’s no wonder that most people hate meetings.

However, there are a lot of benefits to a meeting that is run effectively, including the opportunity to get on-the-spot input from people, the ability to take advantage of the synergy of a group, and the fact that everyone is hearing the same message at the same time.

There are many things that cause meetings to fail, but one of the #1 things I see most frequently is the lack of a PROPER agenda.

In this video, I’ll outline the key elements required in a great agenda and the importance of having an agenda in the first place and sending out an agenda well in advance of any meeting, not handing it out at the door when people walk in! Finally, I’ll tell you why each of the key agenda items is a must in your meeting agenda:

  • Topics of discussion
  • How much time you’ll spend on each item
  • Who is leading the discussion or point person
  • The outcome or goal you’re seeking for each topic (Brainstorming? Creating a plan? Coming to a decision?)

When you’re done watching the video, if you want to learn more about making meetings more effective, check out my NEW online, on-demand class, “Making Meetings Work,” and check out these three key blog posts I wrote about, “Why your meetings suck . . . the life out of everyone!


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