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This Year, Resolve to Remove These Filler Words From Your Communication

Being concise and to the point helps improve the quality of your communication, whether in writing, on the phone, or in person.

Working with college-bound students forced to write within specific word limits on their applications has shown me how easy it is to “say it” in 5 words instead of 25.

Additionally, many words and phrases have snuck into our language that are completely unnecessary (Hah! There’s one!)

Here are just a few of these words/phrases, also known as “Pleonasms,” that I’ve heard or read in the past few weeks.

Although omitting these words might sound short or abrupt at first, be assured, you can eliminate them from your communication without any negative impact to your message.

Phrase (Becomes)

Absolutely necessary (Necessary)

A.M. in the morning (A.M.)

At a later time (Later)

Close proximity (Close)

Desirable benefits (Benefits)

During the course of (During)

Each and every (Each, Every)

Eliminate altogether (Eliminate)

Estimate about (Estimate)

First and Foremost (First)

Future recurrence (Recurrence)

Independent of each other (Independent)

In order to (To)

Joint collaboration (Collaboration)

Might possibly (Might)

My personal opinion (My opinion)

New innovation (Innovation)

Originally created (Created)

Plan ahead (Plan)

Reply back to me (Reply)

Same exact (Same)

Still persists (Persists)

Truly sincere (Sincere)

Ultimate goal (Goal)

Vascillate back and forth (Vascillate)

Whether or not (Whether)

Can you think of others?


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