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10 Communication Gifts You Can Give This Holiday Season

10 Communication Gifts You Can Give This Holiday Season

The holiday season is a time when many people turn their attention to giving. Although this should be a joyful process, it is often one filled with stress, as we struggle to come up with ideas of what to give others.

This year, why not focus on the gift of communication? It’s something that you have an abundant supply of and can have a lasting impact well beyond the holidays.

Whether at work or at home, these 10 communication gifts are free to give, will be warmly received, and will often pay you back with interest.

1. The gift of a heartfelt greeting- simply saying, “Good Morning!” each day and really meaning it.

2. The gift of listening- taking the time to give people your undivided attention and empathy as they share something important to them.

3. The gift of encouragement- sharing your confidence in others and encouraging them as they are progressing toward a goal.

4. The gift of forgiveness- accepting apologies and letting go of past wrongs so that you can move forward in your relationships.

5. The gift of recognition- acknowledging a job well done, even if it’s not “above and beyond,” but is simply what someone is supposed to do.

6. The gift of a positive attitude- taking a breath and looking for the positives in every situation, such as viewing a mistake as a learning opportunity rather than an opportunity lost.

7. The gift of being on time- being on time to work, to meetings, and even social gatherings, communicates to others that you value their time as much or more than your own.

8. The gift of a good example- if you are a supervisor or leader, set the example of the behavior you expect from your employees (such as #7 above). Don’t use your many responsibilities and commitments as an excuse for “breaking the rules.”

9.  The gift of support- when you see someone struggling, or you’re ready to leave at the end of the day and others are still working, take the time to ask, “Can I help?” before you walk away.

10. The gift of involvement- seeking out others’ opinions and getting them involved in decision-making, especially if the decisions will affect them.

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