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5 Tips for Making Your Dream a Reality

5 Tips for Making Your Dream a Reality

In seven short days, my biggest life dream will become a reality.

As many of you know, I’m very passionate about animal welfare and have fostered more than 500 cats, dogs, puppies, and kittens in the past few years. However, my ability to help animals has been limited to the number of bathrooms I’m willing to tie up in my house AND my homeowners association rules against keeping livestock beside the pool.

On April 2, (fingers crossed), I’ll close on a 7-acre piece of property that will give me the ability to not only help more small animals, but the potential to help large animals such as horses, donkeys, etc., as well. The process of getting to this point, on the cusp of closing, has not been easy. There has been fear, there have been tears, there have been naysayers, and I think I might be developing an ulcer. However, I persevere. Why? Because despite all the hurdles, I know the decision to move forward on achieving this dream is what I’m meant to do.

So what does it take to achieve your dreams, despite the obstacles we may face in trying to make them a reality?

  1. Have a clear vision of what you’re trying to achieve. As soon as I saw this property, I knew it was the one. I could see myself there, see the potential in the house and buildings despite disrepair and interesting paint choices. I could see the animals there and how they’re going to convalesce, grow, and become adoptable. The vision was so clear it was tangible.
  2. Have an organized plan. My dream didn’t develop overnight. I’ve been thinking about it, noting ideas, steps, and resources needed. I even had a timeline from the time I began searching for a property to the time the entire property is up and operational to meet my needs.
  3. Don’t listen to naysayers, but do listen to those who express legitimate concerns/questions. Many of you know that one of my nicknames is “the Dream Crusher,” so you might say I’m an instinctive naysayer. However, I don’t consider myself a naysayer. To me, a naysayer is someone who says, “no way,” and “that’s never going to work.” I believe in listening to those who say, “Great. How are you going to make that happen?” or “What if Plan A falls through. Do you have a Plan B?”
  4. Be persistent. When you hit roadblocks, which you will, you can’t give up the first time something gets in your way. If you do, you’ll never achieve your dream. Ask yourself, “Is there a way over, under, or around this hurdle?”
  5. Just pull the trigger. When it comes to achieving your dreams, at some point, you have to stop thinking, stop planning, and stop asking everyone else’s opinions. You have to take the first step and move forward. Otherwise, your dream will never become a reality.

What other tips can you share for achieving your dreams? Comment and share them with us. 

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