5 Ways to Stop Being Your Own Worst Critic

Let’s face it, the world is a critical place. Television shows’ “humor” is based on personal attacks and put-downs. Most reality television is based on people being rejected on every level from love to singing talent. Even in our homes and workplaces, the ratio of negative feedback we receive from others (and give to others) to positive feedback is incredibly disproportionate. […]

10 Tips for Improving Self-Esteem

When my college interpersonal communication class last met, we discussed the role of self-perception, in the communication process. Part of self-perception is self-esteem, which according to our class text is a person’s evaluation of his or her competence and personal worthiness. Although you’ve probably never thought about how your self-esteem affects your communication, it plays a role in every relationship […]

“When Communication Goes Bad” Take a Look at Yourself First

If you’ve ever seen one of those “When Animals Go Bad,” reality T.V. shows, you know they’re based on stories and sometimes graphic video footage of animals attacking people. Sometimes the result is humorous, with the human simply being embarrassed by the encounter. Other stories end in tragedy. Many who watch these shows walk away concluding that the animals […]