Hurricane Harvey Update from Friendswood, Texas

Many of you already know that the Houston, Texas area has been devastated by Hurricane Harvey. My family is very lucky that we’ve managed to stay dry and have power. However, too many others are not as lucky. Even in my small community of Friendswood, Texas, it’s estimated that 3000 homes have flooded.

I’ve spent the week so far trying to take steps to protect my home, family, pets, and foster pets I have stashed in various places around the house for safekeeping during the storm. I’ve also been going back and forth to the animal shelter where I volunteer, sometimes by car, sometimes wading through knee-deep water. Luckily, the shelter is on high ground and all the animals are safe, dry, and fed. As many of you know, helping our community’s unwanted animals is probably my biggest passion and I’m so grateful I live in a neighborhood that’s not only close to the shelter, but is one of the few lucky ones that hasn’t flooded to the point where I couldn’t get out.

I’ve learned a lot about communication this week. I’ve seen people attempt to help rescue people and pets using use all forms of communication- from phone and email, to social media and neighborhood networking websites, to the media’s insatiable need to attempt to keep up with the moment-to-moment developments of this disaster (I’m sure I’ll write more about this in future posts).

For now, I have to say that I can’t even think about what to write in this week’s blog. I’m distracted and feel like I need to focus my priorities elsewhere right now. I thank you for understanding and I’ll be back at it next week.

If you’d like to help out the pets impacted by Hurricane Harvey, I wanted everyone to know that I’ve started a fundraiser to help the pets I know will need help in my community. If you’d like to participate, click here for more information or to make a donation.  

Finally, to those readers who have been affected by Harvey, please know that I’m thinking of you and hope you are safe and dry!

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