Keeping Your Cool When Situations Heat Up

July 21, 1:30 pm CST

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In today’s stressful world, with demanding customers, difficult coworkers, and frustrating family members, it can be extra challenging to keep your cool when things heat up.
✔ Learn why emotions go from zero to 60 so fast
✔ Identify “hot buttons,” and learn how to avoid letting others push yours.
✔ Learn how to stay focused on your goals so your emotions don’t get the best of you.
✔ Walk away with specific communication techniques that keep your emotions in control, but also allow you to assertively navigate difficult situations without becoming a doormat.
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Office Politics for Leaders and Managers

August 3, 1:30 pm CST

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Working with different personalities, opinions, backgrounds, and values is a challenge in any environment. However, learning to manage office politics and relationships is critical to your career success!
✔ Learn to create and maintain relationships.

✔Learn the importance of communicating and working with your peers in a way that is mutually beneficial.

✔Understand the positive aspects and become a better team member to be more successful and productive.

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